8 reasons why you need a good database

✅ Business Process Improvement
✅ Customer data management
✅ Reducing data redundancy
✅ Save time and provide easy access to programs
✅ Gain clear understanding and control
✅ Ensuring Better Data Storage
✅ Making Better Decisions
✅ Make more money in a big way

Who are we?

We are a team of database professionals. For the past 7 years we have been developing and maintaining databases of large and small companies.
We have a large stack of technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB.
We are trusted, in return we ensure the quality of the services provided!

What do we provide?

Database Administrator

Development of database requirements, design, implementation, effective use and maintenance.
Database Protection

Ensuring the protection of the company's personal data and compliance of its activities with the requirements of the GDPR.
Data Backup

Backup of important data.
Data Center

Placement of server and network equipment and their connection to the Internet.

What is the price of our services?

100$/per month
Conduct a code review of your project or code
Help with refactoring and improvement
And much more...
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650$/per month
Use encryption mechanisms, additional tokenization for sensitive data
Ensure physical protection of database servers, make regular backups
Use Database Activity Monitor (DAM) and Database Firewall (DBF)
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800$/per month
Database table design
Implementation of business rules
Designing the physical organization of the database
Development of a database protection strategy
Organization of database functioning monitoring and its adjustment
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Our mission

Our task is to provide a high-quality and reliable database. Recently, data theft has become more frequent, this is primarily due to the fact that organizations neglect the importance of creating a secure and high-quality database.
We, in turn, guarantee that your database will be as secure as possible.
We use the latest technologies, constantly monitor the situations in the world and always update our technologies.

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